All in One Universal Fish Finder Tree

After a bit of prototyping here’s V1.0 of our all in one universal fish finder tree! So far we’ve got it extendable from 15″-22″, multi directional traducer mounting options, a quick release battery box for easy charging (or if your fish finder doesn’t use an external battery), and a cable caddie to keep things neat & tidy! Light weight & strong all aluminum/stainless steel construction AND it fits into ANY Scotty receiver so it should work on ANY boat! Continue reading “All in One Universal Fish Finder Tree”

Journey Boats Pricing Update Fall 2019

Journey Boats - Flat Bottom Fly Fishing Punts Extraordinaire
Journey Boats – super stable, super roomy, superior still water fly fishing design!

Journey Boats Pricing Update
– 10 More Builds at Current Pricing –

Just a quick Journey Boats pricing update for those in the market for one of these super stable, super roomy all welded aluminum fly fishing rigs. Try as we might to keep the pricing as reasonable as possible, we are at a point where Continue reading “Journey Boats Pricing Update Fall 2019”

Journey VS Spratley Flat Bottom Boat Comparison

Every year around this time anglers, us included, start spinning their wheels in anticipation of the up coming open water fishing season.  Thoughts of new rods, reels, flies, and, for many, a new or upgraded boat. Judging from the number of telephone calls and emails we are receiving the “get ready for ice off” frenzy has truly begun! We also see it on the fishing forums and social media pages where posts asking for opinions on everything fishing related are popping up almost daily. Continue reading “Journey VS Spratley Flat Bottom Boat Comparison”

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