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Journey Boats Frequently Asked Questions


Q1) How stable are Journey Boats?

A1) Very stable, which is hard to describe, so here’s a picture of our buddy Brandyn, standing as far into the corner as he can get, to help illustrate the point …

Journey Boats - Flat Bottom Fly Fishing Punts Extraordinaire

Here’s the same pic side by side with an often compared platform …

Q2) How do you operate the outboard with the back bench so far back?

A2) Like this …….

Dave & Judy - Loving their new Journey Boat

… it’s really not an issue & the layout really opens up the dance floor! πŸ™‚

Q3) How does the Journey Compare to the Spratley & the Marlon?

A3) Here’s a chart as at January 2021 with data sources noted …

Journey Spratley Marlon Comparison Chart 2021

… you can find more Journey Boat information/specifications here πŸ™‚

Q4) I’ve called the Journey Industries shop why don’t they answer their phone?

A4) Journey Industries is where the boats are built, but it is a closed shop without a show room or sales personnel. Journey Boats are sold through this website. You can get a quote hereΒ  or email the sales team direct here. πŸ™‚

Q5) Are the back handles on the Journey Boats strong enough to use with my boat loader or do I have to install eye bolts?

A5) The handles on the Journey Boats, like everything else on the Journey Boats πŸ˜‰ are welded and plenty strong enough to use with your loaders rope system …

Mike's Journey Boat Truck & Loader

Q6) Is there enough room on the transom to fit both a gas & electric motors?

A5) yup … πŸ™‚

Journey Boat - Gas & Electric Outboards


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