After Market Boat Accessories

Scotty After Market Boat Accessories
(Anchor Locks/Rod Holders) …

Scotty Flush Mount & Plate Installed Scotty Anchor Lock - InstalledScotty Rod Holder - Installed

Scotty R5 Fly Rod Holder




Journey Boats come standard with one front and one back (kitty corner) anchor lock plate. Get your boat fly fishing ready with the inclusion of Scotty Flush Mounts, or a Flush Mount/Anchor Lock set, at each location. Or strategically positioned Scotty Surface Mounts with or without Scotty Fly Rod Holders (regular or new R5 “Berkley” style)!  Rope Kits (2X 50′ Anchor Rope with attached carabiners) also available on request! Professional installation with stainless steel hardware is  always included! 🙂


Other After Market Boat Accessories:

You name it, we can do it! Other options that we can supply include …

– Oar Kits  (with collars & strongbacks)
-Boat Kits
-Boat First Aid Kits
-Electric Motors / Batteries

… and if you can think of anything else you might need just ask and we’ll do our best to accommodate you! 🙂

*… aftermarket parts warranty by manufacturer.

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