Coated Lead Pyramid Anchors – Rope Kits – Anchor Racks

Pyramid Anchors
Coated Lead | Superior Holding Power

Coated Lead Pyramid Anchors for Jon BoatsPyramid anchors have become the popular choice for stillwater fly fishing … and for good reason! Maintaining your position when you’re on the fish is critical to being able to repeat successes and the pyramid shape has quickly proven to offer superior holding power in anchors of the same weight.  As an added bonus theses particular pyramid anchors are coated to minimize lead exposure.

We’ve got 12#ers, 15#ers & 18#ers in stock but can supply them lighter or heavier if you have the need so just ask!

If you are ordering with a Journey boat we recommend 12# – 15#ers for the 9-6 and 15# – 18#ers for the 11-6.

Anchor Rope Kit

Not much to say here ……. 2X 50′ Rope with carabiners installed!

Piggy Back Anchor Racks

Just out of development, and by popular demand, Journey ambidextrous bolt on piggy back Anchor Racks!

Designed to work with Journey’s existing anchor lock plates, this bolt on application can be ordered as an accessory with your new build, or as an aftermarket application for those that already own a Journey boat! Sold in pairs and available through the quote page or contact us for a retro fit.

Back Mount:

Journey Piggy Back Anchor Rack - Back

Front Mount:

Journey Piggy Back Anchor Rack - Front

You can select your Pyramid Anchor (size & quantity) / Rope Kit / Anchor Racks requirements on our Journey Boat & Accessories Quote Page or contact us with your pyramid anchor & rope requirements here! 🙂

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