Boat Seats & Seat Systems

Journey Seat Systems:

Fixed Seat Base (with Quick Release Bracket Installed) …

Fixed Seat base with Quick Release MountFixed Seat Base with Quick Release Bracket Swivel & Standard SeatThe Fixed Seat Base is installed (welded – no holes drilled) to any boat bench at the exact position that you specify.

Because the bottom of the fixed seat base can not be accessed once it is welded in place, a Quick Release Bracket is installed (via stainless hardware) so that boat seats can be removed when not in use.

Fixed position seat bases are recommended when seating placement is known and consistent (ie. you always sit in the exact same spot to navigate the vessel).

Infinite Position Seat System (Quick Release Bracket Optional)  …

The Infinite Position Seat System is revolutionary and, we believe, exclusive to Journey Boats. The IPS system allows for any boat seat to be placed at any position on any bench, or removed completely while the bench surfaces remains free and unobstructed.


Infinite Position Seat System V2.0If ordered with the boat …

… the system includes our NEW IPSS V2.0 Integral Track System built into the the leading edge of any bench and a seat base designed to hinge into place anywhere in which that track is installed … or removed completely leaving the bench top free and clear! The IPSS V2.0 provides virtually unlimited seating options while maintaining the Journey Boat’s clean lines!


Infinite Position Seat System (After Market Application) …

The Infinite Position Seat System is now available as an After Market application to fit ANY boat! Allowing you to sit where ever you like, on any bench with a track installed, or removed completely leaving the top of the bench free and clear! Contact Us for details on a IPSS custom sized for your vessel …

Infinite Position Seat System - After Market 2





*The Infinite Position Seat System is secured in three directions (back/left/right) but is free to tilt forward to remove or re position.  The system is prevented from tilting forward while in use by sitting forward with your feet on the floor. Please be aware that any alternate seating positions may allow forward movement while in use.   

Boat Seats: 

Deluxe …….

Boat Seat - Deluxe - Blue Journey Boats - Deluxe Seat







*… in blue or gray depending on availability  🙂

Premium …….

Premium Boat Seat - Blue Grey Premium Boat Seat - Charcoal Grey






*… in blue/gray or charcoal/gray depending on availability  🙂

Boat Seat Swivels:

Wise Boat Seat Swivel

The Boat Seat Swivel mounts to the bottom of your chosen boat seat and allows it to swivel freely 360 degrees.

We strongly recommend you add a swivel  to whichever boat seat you decide to go with 😉


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