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One Piece Custom Fit Rubber Floor Mat:

Journey Jon Boat - Rubber Floor Mat Installed Journey Boat - Rubber Floor Mat

There’s a few reasons to consider a one piece custom fit rubber floor mat for your new Journey Boat. First of all, it makes keeping things neat & tidy a snap! Roll it out, shake it off (or rinse it if things got a bit messier than they should have 😉 ) and then roll it back in. It also cuts down on glare while providing some floor grip. Custom fit to fill the entire floor space perfectly, including under the back bench as a cushions for gas tanks, batteries and gear. And if you’re a fly fisher you’ll really appreciate the protection that the mat provides for those $100 plus fly lines that inevitably get stepped on repeatedly during an outing!  This is truly a must have addition to your boat build … 🙂

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