Journey Boats Update – August 2022


Journey Boats - Stillwater Fly Fishing Punt

It’s been a while since our last update so we thought we’d take a minute to let ya all know what’s been going on … 🙂

First & foremost, and likely unsurprisingly, the preceding/current economic environment has been very trying. Supply & labour issues continue to take a toll & have resulted in us falling a bit behind schedule. We are not happy about it, we know that customers waiting for their boats are not happy about it, and although we are working hard to get things back on track, we are maintaining the time it takes to ensure top notch product quality! Having said that, we want to take the time to give a HUGE THANK-YOU to folks in the build queue for their patience & understanding as we work through the orders!

We are now at the point where we are taking boat orders for pre ice off 2023, and in order to ensure that we meet scheduling goals, have decided to take a conservative approach by limiting build numbers. This means that if you are interested in a Journey Boat for next years spring fishing season that you please get your order in as soon as possible. And remember, getting into the build queue early not only locks up a boat, but ensures your place in line AND protects against any future price increases! 😉 If you are interested in getting into the queue, you can start the process by submitting a build quote here!

Tackle Tray 2.0 - Loaded

And finally, for those that have been waiting, the Tackle Tray is back & better than ever! This is version 2.0 … still made with maximum flexibility allowing for positioning anywhere along the Journey Boats gunnels, but now also including nylon rail clamps to secure it in place without marring! For more information please check out our website accessories pages

That’s all for now. Life is a journey, get out there and fish it! 🙂

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