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Journey Boat Reviews
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by Fred Harper on Journey Boat Reviews

I got my new 9.5 Journey boat at the end of February and after 3 months of fishing I could not be happier. It is incredibly stable, handles better than I expected in the wind and a joy to fish from. I had originally intended to buy a Spratley, but this boat is just as well built and it has a front seat, which my wife loves. The custom release seat brackets work really well. Thank you Kelly for building such a fine boat, and Rob for excellent service with the purchase.

Yup, super stable, 3 benches, drain port/plug included, a 100% flat floor, under seat storage, functional accessories and the best handling flat bottom in wind & chop that we've ever experienced! And you are very welcome Fred, it was a pleasure working with you! Thank you for your review.

by Jim D on Journey Boat Reviews

Purchased the 11-6 Journey in early May as scheduled,using the new purchase the first time last week. First impressions I was delighted with the stability and the overall roominess. The 5 year old bounced around from seat to seat with no issues. The only real issue was the 3 seat IPSS system and the 2 grandkids / daughter each tumbled forward and not recognizing it is a 3 position system. Really liked the fish finder transducer rear setup and the flexible rod holder feature. The under the seat rear for my 9.9 gas tank, etc was perfect and the width of the stern gave me ample room for for my 9.9 and 55 Minn Kota electric. However, something to consider the boat could use a rear connection of some sort to chain and lock my aux motor. I chained via the rear lift handle which works ok. The middle under seat was also useful for storage and in my case I placed the electric motor battery. Overall I am pleasantly pleased with the boat along with the separate purchase of a Jon boat cover and a Karavan trailer specifically built for Jon boats. Overall very pleased with this purchase and the boat is dialled in for fishing in comfort. Oh one more thing, the 2 locking latches for the rear wheels are missing but I did have 1 around for installing the transducer.

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts Jim! We will be adding an outboard lock loop to the accessories list soon as this now has been requested from a few different folks. As well our strap kit for the IP Seat System is also almost ready to go for those that want it. Overall it sounds like you're having a blast! Cheers to years of fun in your new Journey!

by Bob K on Journey Boat Reviews

We just finished our 1st fishing trip with our 9' 6" Journey. We are absolutely loving it. With our previous 12' car Sears (Harbercraft) my wife had little room at the front, her lines would frequently tangle around stuff in the boat front and if I didn't warn her I was casting she would end up grabbing the gunnel to prevent going in the lake. Now she has lots of space, the boat is very stable (even at shore when putting on the Merc 9.9, it is rock solid), and stepping in/out of the boat is so much easier. If we were to fall in the lake I know we could get ourselves back in this boat. It is a foot shorter than the Spratley we were eyeing, but has 115 lbs more capacity and allows for 1 more passenger. We took our adult son out fishing (men casting; wife sitting on middle seat netting fish) and found it so much better than in our old 12 foot boat. We had to get a boat loader, though, because my back and age are working against me. The extra 25 pounds on a shorter boat made this necessary. (You have to lift more of the boat’s weight if it is shorter). At one point I was concerned about the infinite position seat system, which had both my wife and my son taking a spill in the boat as they exited on 2 different occasions. This was because they used it for support, forgetting that it only gives support in 3 directions. I suggested to my wife that we install permanent mounts, but she said no. She loves the flexibility in positioning and has adapted to the seats. Once you get used to the idea that the seats support you in just 3 directions it isn’t a problem. While sitting with your feet on the boat’s bottom it is stable. My other concern was how the boat would handle white caps. There is no doubt our old boat was better in rough water, but with my wife moving to the middle seat to bring up the bow we plowed through the rough water fine. Our 9.9 Merc can get us up planing on smoother water, but I have to lean forward to get us up before I can sit back for the ride. The added weight of a Minn Kota electric and battery (under back seat) make this necessary. We also strap a double rod holding tube (extra rods set up for fishing deep with strike indicator) and oars to the inside of the boat with a bungy cord. When I first got the boat, on close inspection I noticed that the seat welds were just barely noticeable on the outside of the boat. I am told this will not be visible once the boat ages. My main concern was the quality of the welds. I couple of welder friends had a look and said the welds looked very good. The welds aren't as smooth as those on a Spratley, but they are covered with a gray caulking so it looks fine. Finally, I have to thank Rob of Journey Boats for his support during and after our boat construction. Great customer service!

Thank you taking the time to submit a review Bob! We are not happy that your wife and son took a tumble, but are glad to hear that it was when trying to use the seats as a support and not while sitting as since we have lowered the center of gravity on the IPSS we had not heard of any more seat tipping issues. Regardless we are going to continue to try and improve on the design so thank you for letting us know. Sounds like you have that 96 loaded up pretty good and still have room for 3 thanks to the under seat storage at the back. That was part of the design plan and it's nice to see that you are taking full advantage of it! With respect to handling rough water you are correct that it will not handle like a V Hull but it's the best we've seen in a flat bottom. The welds that you are describing as "not smooth" are spot welds as opposed continuous ... which without getting into the details here are a design consideration that serve a purpose. Happy to hear that a couple welding pros have checked them out for you and given them a thumbs up! The outer coating does help with esthetics but is also part of the design. As for customer service ... it's easy for two reasons: 1) the boats speak for themselves and 2) I could talk fishing for hours! 🙂 Tight lines Bob ...

by Evan on Journey Boat Reviews

I'm into my second year of owning my 9'6" Journey Boat and I still absolutely LOVE IT! The only downside, which really has nothing to do with the boat, was that I had nowhere to put my oars? They fit well acorss the benches but are in the way. I tried putting them under the seats but because of their length it's a pain to make the right angle to tuck them under. I knew something had to be done for 2019 and so before I went and started trying to figure things out for myself I talked to Journey Boats and they set me up with a preliminary trial run of oar holders that they have been working on that hold the oars in tight along each side, on the outside, of the boat. I have been using them for almost two months now and many days out on the water and all I can say is they have been everything I was hoping for! I have been able keep the oars out of my boat and out my way while fishing and have been able to minimize the clutter of junk in the boat which makes for a far more pleasant outing on the water, it makes for a far better set up and utilization of space! However, I do tend to worry that one day I could potentially lose one in the lake when pulling an oar out as they are basically just tightly fitted to hook on the sides while gravity and friction does their thing. But mine was just the 1st trial run and Rob has told me the finished product will come equipped with some sort of fastener to secure the holder in place. Just wanted to say to both Rob and Kelly thanks a ton and keep up the good work! Five Star set up for any interior Stillwater flyfisher I simply can't say enough good things about my experience and purchase with Journey, Thanks a ton Guys! Fish on!

So glad the prototypes are working for you Evan! And you are correct, the final design includes a locking mechanism to secure the holder to the boat rail. Our hope was to have these out by now but the boats have been keeping us busy lol. Hopefully not much longer! Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts!

by Lorne Nukina on Journey Boat Reviews

What started out as a conversation about the infinite seat system turned into discussions about the 11'6' journey boat. The advice provided by the staff was invaluable. We had a bunch of phone calls and emails back and forth - giving me lots of excellent information and ideas. Really, the voices of experience. The staff has your best interests at heart. Their design is pretty close to perfect and they have thought of just about everything. The materials used are thicker than everyone else and the workmanship is excellent. Now, if I can just convince my wife to let me buy it... was all ready to order one, but... But if you're looking for a job boat, this is the one. Thanks guys

I'm sure we'll see you soon Lorne, thanks for the service review!

by CaribooBob on Journey Boat Reviews

Full enjoyed ordering and discussing options with the staff at Journey. Very knowledgeable staff. Fishing boats built by fisherman, can't ask for anything better than that !

Thanks CB!

by Durwin Werner on Journey Boat Reviews

I had an great experience adding accessories on my boats. I purchased three Infinite Position Seat Systems with two Quick Release Brackets . I also had the Dual Position (Flip) Wheel kit with pneumatic wheels that they didn't even question they just redesigned and installed great job. I also had both anchor mounts installed the finish and fit/welds were amazing. Last Note I needed it very quickly for a fishing trip I was going on and they came through days early thank you for the amazing boat.

Thanks for your review Durwin! We are happy to have been able to make the timing work for you!

by Jack Verschoor on Journey Boat Reviews

The boat was a present from my wife for our 25th wedding anniversary. I absolutely love it. She did her research and bought the best. Strong, stable boat, and built to last. No more leaky unstable boats for me!

Happy Belated Birthday Jack! Thanks for your review!

by Lawrie Shears on Journey Boat Reviews
16 ft and 12 ft

I had an awesome experience adding accessories on my two boats. I purchased three Infinite Position Seat Systems with Quick Release Brackets and a seat . Also they made two custom load quides and a bracket to raise my motor height on the transom. Nice to find a Company that will make parts when you don't have a Journey Boat (but I would buy one in a heart beat.) Their seat system gives you great sight lines when traveling.

Glad to help Lawrie! Thanks for sharing your review!

by Garth on Journey Boat Reviews

Just picked up my New Journey yesterday great looking boat everything as it was is above expectation .Cant wait to get it in the water. Everyone here in town I fish with are very impressed and a few are even thinking of possibly ordering one > thanks for the great service!

Your welcome! Happy fishing Garth!

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