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Journey Boat Reviews
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by Lawrie Shears on Journey Boat Reviews
16 ft and 12 ft

I had an awesome experience adding accessories on my two boats. I purchased three Infinite Position Seat Systems with Quick Release Brackets and a seat . Also they made two custom load quides and a bracket to raise my motor height on the transom. Nice to find a Company that will make parts when you don't have a Journey Boat (but I would buy one in a heart beat.) Their seat system gives you great sight lines when traveling.

Glad to help Lawrie! Thanks for sharing your review!

by Garth on Journey Boat Reviews

Just picked up my New Journey yesterday great looking boat everything as it was is above expectation .Cant wait to get it in the water. Everyone here in town I fish with are very impressed and a few are even thinking of possibly ordering one > thanks for the great service!

Your welcome! Happy fishing Garth!

by Lambert Head Jr. on Journey Boat Reviews

Lambert brought his boat home yesterday. He was so pleased, took pictures and brought them over to show his friends. His dad came home while Lambert was at his friends and saw his new boat. Being a long time sports fisherman, he was very impressed with Lamberts new Journey boat. He commented on how well built the boat is. Very impressed.

Thank you for your review Lambert! Enjoy your Journey!

by andrew on Journey Boat Reviews

Love it!

Straight forward & to the point! Thanks for sharing, tight lines Andy! 🙂

by Kevin on Journey Boat Reviews

Great boat! Even better than expected! There is a ton of room and is very comfortable. Very good customer service as well.

Thanks for your comments, Kevin. The 11'6" is all about space, stability and comfort ... sounds like mission accomplished! Enjoy your Journey!

by Sue N on Journey Boat Reviews

This boat makes boating comfortable and stable, the way boating should be. Took it on its "maiden voyage" the other day. Before we knew it, four hours had flown by, four hours of total comfort. The stability was amazing. If you have to wait a while as the boats are made only upon receipt of an order, it is well worth the wait. I will also say that the customer service was more than I could have hoped for. They went out of their way to ensure that the date of delivery was met. Hands down, top notch service. This boat is everything advertised and more; thanks again for everything 🙂

So glad we could make the timing work for you and Dave, Sue! Stability is one of the boats key features & adds a lot to the comfort factor. Thanks for sharing!

by Mark Holmes on Journey Boat Reviews

I have had my Journey for a month now and have yet too launch her in a lake. That said my two sons were home for a family event recently and they launched her into the pool (I would add an attachment if I could)! Better review coming ...

Oh my! Well we know it floats! 😉 Looking forward to up coming review ...

by Evan on Journey Boat Reviews

Overall: Simply put, these are top quality Jon boats built to last! I highly recommend as Kelly builds an awesome product! Extremely pleased with my purchase, money well spent! FIVE STARS! THANKS AGAIN!

There's no doubt, You'll be hard pressed to find a style of boat better suited for fly fishing our small interior stillwaters of BC than a jon boat. Among the various brands/makes out there being built and readily available today, Journey's 9'6" and 11' 6" is in my own personal opinion the very best of their kind! With Spratley's coming in as a close 2nd. Which is why after much careful consideration I chose to go with Journey. With a super wide beam width, flat bottom and excellent design layout, The amount of available real estate and stability in a boat under 10ft still blows me away! Probably Equivalent to that of most 14ft V-hulls. With Lot's of custom build options to choose from, I went for the full meal-deal and my Journey was exactly what I was looking for and exceeded my expectations. A heavy duty build with heavy gauge aluminum w/ no leaky rivets to ever worry about in the future and still light enough to lift on the roof of my Jeep all by myself without difficulty. Maybe not when I'm in my fifties or sixties as they aren't exactly the lightest aluminums out there, but a small compromise for the quality and strength of build, nothing the flip wheels haven't helped out with tremendously. Each model comes with a nice flat solid floor so there is none of those annoying ribs to have to deal with and there is plenty room to accommodate three people with three benches, which I do regularly. It is plenty stable enough for a 235lb guy like myself to stand on one corner and cast without any worry of tipping. I love having the option of dropping anchors out of any four corners as well as having four more additional placements for scotty mounts/ accessories. I also added flip style drink holders myself. Having the option of moving and sliding seat placements around in multiple configurations with the full length slotted tubing or removing altogether has been awesome and depending on certain situations we change it up all the time. Having wheels that flip both either up or down or can be removed I have since learned from various scenarios hand loading are an absolute must and can't imagine going any other way, I am so glad I chose this option. I think that having open space under both the middle and rear bench and floatation in the front is a much better layout versus others designs and really optimizes the full potential of available space, but also as a result, I have found at times my electric motor's turning radius is limited due to the motor handle being very long and sometimes hitting me on tight turns as the rear seat sits right beside the motor (again minor and a small compromise for the obvious benefits of the layout). In my opinion, the pro's of which far outweigh any cons. I have used mine now for hundreds of fishing hours already this year and absolutely love it. Much to my surprise it handles choppy waters better than anticipated as well. A couple things that could be could be improved upon is some of the finishing (just for example masking off all caulking for nice lines but this is very minor as it is merely cosmetic and holds no bearing on functionality.) Second, the new sliding removable flip seats I decided upon are simply awesome, much better in my opinion than a welded baseplate to a fixed position. I have no regrets, however, they need to be tweaked slightly or used with caution as typically we anchor and turn out to face out either side of the boat, when turned like this in your seat if you lean too much the wrong direction the seat can and has fallen out. This can be hilarious when it happens to your fishing partner but not so funny if they hurt themselves. I have thought about maybe making some sort of pin w/ holes spaced at various placements that will lock them in place but haven't put enough thought into doing this yet. All in All, if you're a die-hard bc stillwater flyguy and spend most of your days on smaller lakes anchored and casting than these boats are tough to beat! If you're into trolling on bigger lakes I'd recommend something else. I look forward to trying it out on the river this summer as well as doing some stillwater flyfishing for coho and chum salmon later this fall! Thanks again!

Now that's a comprehensive review ... thank you so much Evan! Infinite position seat system miss when using the seats sideways noted and we're on it! 🙂

by Randy on Journey Boat Reviews

It took me a couple of trips up to see Kelly at his shop to see a boat he was building in its later stages to make up my mind that his boat was the right one for me , and l haven't regretted it for one minute . I was moving on from a very old 12' Harbercraft and wanted something smaller for when I was alone but big enough to fish two , the 9'6'' he built for me has been perfect , lots of room and way more stable than my old boat . I was one of the first boats to get the new seat mounting system and the flexible seat positioning you have has been great . You can tell that Kelly has taken feed back from his customers over the years to really get his boats dialed in . He builds them one at a time and it's worth the wait !

Thanks for your feedback Randy ... tight lines!

by Kyle on Journey Boat Reviews

Could not be happier with my Journey 11-6. I was close to buying a Spratley and am glad I waited to have a Journey built. The Journey 11-6 Journey has 3 rows of seating whereas the same length Spratley has 2. The Journey also has storage under the seats, 7 foot oars fit no problem without having to be angled. The boat is super stable laterally and I'm surprised at how well it turns. Only downside is you may have to wait a while to have one built! But IMO it's worth the wait. Also the boat is not as "pretty" (welds) as a Spratley but I actually prefer the hand built look and feel of the Journey. You can tell a guy built this boat with his two hands and built it right!

Thanks Kyle we really appreciate your feedback! We are working on speeding up the build time without compromising quality. And yes you are correct, Journey Boats are truly hand built right here in beautiful British Columbia ... no robots here 😉
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