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Journey Boat Accessories

Journey Boat Accessories

Journey Jon Boats come standard ready to fish, but we do carry a few Journey Boat Accessories that are sure to enhance your fishing experience!  🙂

Seats: (Standard / Deluxe / Premium):

Wise Premium Fold Down Boat Seat





From left to right are the WISE Standard, Deluxe & Premium Boat Seats. The WISE Standard Boat Seat is the most economical and popular option that we offer, and it is certainly a very capable. However, if you’re looking for a bit more comfort please consider  the Deluxe and/or Premium boat seats.

WISE Boat Seat Swivel:

Wise Boat Seat Swivel

The WISE Boat Seat Swivel mounts to the bottom of your chosen boat seat and allows it to swivel freely 360 degrees.

We strongly recommend you add a swivel  to whichever boat seat you decide to go with 😉

Seat Systems:

Fixed Seat Base (with Wise Quick Release Bracket Installed) …

Fixed Seat base with Quick Release MountFixed Seat Base with Quick Release Bracket Swivel & Standard SeatThe Fixed Seat Base is installed (welded – no holes drilled) to any boat bench at the exact position that you specify.

Because the bottom of the fixed seat base can not be accessed once it is welded in place, a WISE Quick Release Bracket is installed (via stainless hardware) so that boat seats can be removed when not in use.

Fixed position seat bases are recommended when seating placement is known and consistent (ie. you always sit in the exact same spot to navigate the vessel).

Infinite Position Seat System (Quick Release Bracket Optional)  …

Infinite Position Flip Seat Base with Short Track & Quick Release BracketInfinite Position Flip Seat Base with Short Track Quick Release Bracket Swivel & Standard SeatThe Infinite Position Seat System is a revolution and, we believe, exclusive to Journey Boats. The IPS system allows for any boat seat to be placed at any position on any bench, or removed completely while the bench surfaces remains free and unobstructed.

The system includes with a base track, either short (approx 16″) or long (covering the entire width of the bench) depending on your seating needs, installed (welded) along the front edge of each bench and a seat base that is designed to hinge in place anywhere on any bench where a track is installed.

Boat seats (or boat seat swivels) can be mounted directly to the IPS seat base or, for even more flexibility, a WISE Quick Release can be mounted (again with stainless hardware) to the seat base.

Wheel Kits:

Plug In Wheel Kit …

Plug In Wheel KitPlug In Wheel Kits allow the user to wheel the boat,  right side up, from your mode of transportation to the waters edge. The kit includes 11″ wheels & utilizes quick release pins for easy installation & removal.  Receivers are welded to the transom and the price includes all hardware & installation!

Dual Position (Flip) Wheel Kit …

Dual Position Flip Wheel KitDual Position (Flip) Wheel Kits allow the user to wheel the boat,  right side up or upside down, from the mode of transportation to the waters edge. The kit includes two 8″ wheels & utilizes quick release pins for easy installation, removal and/or re positioning (flipping) of the wheels.  Receivers are welded to the transom & the price includes all hardware & installation!

Flush & Surface Mounts:

Surface Mounts (with or without Rod Holders) …

Scotty Surface Mount with Aluminum Bracket

Scotty Surface Mount on Aluminum Bracket InstalledScotty Rod Holder - Installed

You won’t find a rivet on a Journey Boat so there’s no reason to ever drill a hole!  Continuing with that philosophy surface mounts are installed to fabricated aluminum brackets which are in turn welded to the boat at locations specified by the user.  Scotty surface mount, plate fabrication, stainless steel mounting hardware & welding installation included … Scotty or Berkley Rod Holders available upon request.

Flush Mounts (with or without Anchor Locks/Anchor Ropes) …

Scotty Flush Mount & Plate Installed Scotty Anchor Lock - InstalledJourney Boats come standard with one front and one back (kitty corner) anchor plate.

Get your boat fly fishing ready with the inclusion of Scotty Flush Mounts, or a Flush Mount/Anchor Lock set, at each location … installation with stainless steel hardware is  included!

2X 50′ 3/8 Anchor Rope with attached carabiners available on request!

One Piece Custom Fit Rubber Floor Mat:

Journey Jon Boat - Rubber Floor Mat Installed Journey Boat - Rubber Floor Mat

There’s a few reasons to consider a one piece custom fit rubber floor mat for your new Journey Boat. First of all it makes keeping things neat & tidy a snap! Pull it out, shake it off (or rinse it if things got a bit messier than they should have 😉 ), and put it back. It also cuts down on glare and provides a bit of grip. And, if you’re a fly fisher you’ll really appreciate the protection that the mat provides for those $100 plus fly lines that inevitably get stepped on repeatedly during an outing!

Other Journey Jon Boat Accessories:

You name it, we can do it! Other options that we have been able to source include …

Oar Kits  (with collars & strongbacks)
Boat Kits
Boat First Aid Kits
Electric Motors / Batteries

… and if you can think of anything else you might need just ask and we’ll do our best to accommodate you! 🙂
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