All in One Universal Fish Finder Tree

After a bit of prototyping here’s V1.0 of our all in one universal fish finder tree! So far we’ve got it extendable from 15″-22″, multi directional traducer mounting options, a quick release battery box for easy charging (or if your fish finder doesn’t use an external battery), and a cable caddie to keep things neat & tidy! Light weight & strong all aluminum/stainless steel construction AND it fits into ANY Scotty receiver so it should work on ANY boat!

What do you think? Leave us a comment below ……. 🙂

All in One Adjustable Fish Finder Tree Mount

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    1. Hey Joe. The batteries are sealed units so they are fine being exposed. The battery box is connected to the unit via a quick release detent pin … pull the pin and the whole box, battery secured, can be moved to the bench and charged. Having said that the battery box is optional and you can certainly run it without and cable to your external battery, or even your trolling motor. Hope that all makes sense? 🙂

      1. Having purchased one and used the tree now several times I find it works great with the flexibility of moving to various positions in my boat. I’ve used the quick release for battery removal and definitely a great idea however I also just remove the whole multi functional tree at the end of the day when out camping so no worries about losing anything over night. I really like being able to keep the battery, fish finder, transducer and cable all neatly in place ready to use for the next outing. I started off using the regular scotty mount and noted it did not lock in place but was still stable enough to use when trolling. However I found a Scotty quick release mount that releases with a push button and it locks the tree in place without having to turn it like a rod holder normally is used. I love the multi functional tree set up and no loose wires connecting to my battery box like I used before.
        The fact I can easily change the direction of the transducer for use on either side of my boat and on the transom makes the V1.0 a great option. A friend made a similar set up with PVC pipe but not nearly as stable for use while trolling. I’m impressed with the quality of work and design so I’m happy I purchased it.

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